About Angela

Angela Delgado has been acting for nearly her entire life starting with her Kindergarten’s Production of “The Nativity Scene”. She was cast as the unnamedNarrator and was the only child to memorize lines–her mother cites her proclivity towards
chattiness as the reason she was chosen while Angela credits her teacher with being able to identify her passion for the dramatics early on.

Angela participated and starred in many roles in both high school and college at The College of William and Mary. Her favorite roles include that of “Queenie” in Showboat, “Catherine” in Proof, and “Agnes” in School for Wives.

After graduation, Angela packed up and drove to Los Angeles, CA where she acted in several web series and shorts, became SAG Eligible, and completed the Improv Acting program at the UCB Theater Training Center.unnamed-1

Angela is currently participating in the 2017 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase as a writer!

She’s also the voice behind the popular Facebook and Twitter Personality Judgy Nanny (twitter: @JudgyNanny).

Check out her writing page here!

Click the links above to check out her reel and resume and contact her at 1angeladelgado@gmail.com!


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